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Summer School on Reproductive Health, Belgium, 08-16/07/09

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Expired Summer School on Reproductive Health, Belgium, 08-16/07/09

Post by Admin on Wed 18 Feb 2009, 11:33

Summerschool on Reproductive Health
Presented to you by the the students of the University of Ghent and the ICRH

In collaboration with the ICRH, the students of Ghent University will organise a summerschool on the Reproductive Health from the 8 to the 16 of July 2009. The course will focus on a broad range of topics within this subject, as to create a better understanding of what is considered as part of “Reproductive Health”. Also we will provide enough room for discussion and debate. There will be 6 days of classes, of which each day will highlight a subtopic on the matter. In the mornings we will welcome professors from the ICRH and from the University of Ghent for interesting lectures, whereas in the afternoons we will have more interactive sessions with tutorials (problem based learning), guest speakers, discussions and our own presentations. This way we hope to provide a deeper understanding of what the term Reproductive Health withholds and not only focus on the medical aspects but on social, political, economical, anthropological aspects as well!

Due to the many different aspects of Reproductive Health we want to explore with you in a short period of time, we will preferably only accept students who are finishing or have finished their third year of medical school. This way the professors don’t need to explain the basics of the different pathologies we will discuss, leaving them more time to get into the more interesting details. Also, we want to keep the group as international as possible, so we will not accept more than 5 students per country. Belgian students can only participate by joining the organising committee.

The fee for this years summerschool is 275 Euro’s for the first 10 participants to registrate and pay and 325 euro’s for the rest of the participants. Included in this fee will be the hotel located in the centre of Ghent, lectures and lecture notes, social programme, all breakfasts, 6 lunches, 4 dinners.

More information:
Send an email to and we will answer all your questions and provide you with updates on the summerschool and the website, which is now still under construction.

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