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NKS Summer School 2009, Italy, June 22-July 10

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Expired NKS Summer School 2009, Italy, June 22-July 10

Post by zein on Thu 19 Feb 2009, 12:50

I post it here too!

Hi! This summer school is for students more research oriented. It concerns most of the disciplines..Here is the description, copy paste from the website, so visit for more information.

The NKS Summer School 2009 will be held June 22 - July 10 at CNR-Istituto ISTI in Pisa, Italy.

The NKS Summer School is a unique opportunity to get involved with original research at the frontiers of science. At each Summer School session, about 40 students from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds learn about NKS and how to apply it to their fields of interest.

The three-week-long program consists of lectures and individual research projects relating to core NKS issues. The NKS Summer School is primarily targeted at advanced undergraduates and early graduate students, although those in different circumstances are considered. We are looking for students who want to move their careers in the NKS direction.

All are expected to have read NKS in some level of detail. Additionally, because all projects will be done using Mathematica, learning its basics before the start of the program is highly recommended.

Who is the Summer School for?
It's intended for anyone who wants to be able to do NKS research projects. We expect students to be ready to do an independent research project, but they can be at various stages in their formal education. We typically have graduate students, undergraduates, postdocs, and a few professors, teachers, and professionals.

Does the Summer School cater only to scientists?
No. Our students have also included engineers, artists, and educators. What's needed is an ability to take a rigorous scientific approach, and an ability to absorb material of the type that is in the NKS book.

How are the projects at the Summer School chosen?
Projects are chosen to fit the career and educational objectives of each student. Students are encouraged to think about potential projects before the Summer School (see projects from past years for some suggestions). Final projects are chosen during the first week of the Summer School

How much does the Summer School cost?
The Summer School itself is free--there is no tuition fee. Dorm-style accommodations and meals will be available for the three-week session. Accommodations are anticipated to total €445-€468 for the duration of the school. Prepaid cards can be purchased for meals ranging anywhere from €5-€10. Students are free to make their own arrangements for lodging and meals.



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