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Summer school in Bioinorganic chemistry, Crete, Greece 20-31 July

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Expired Summer school in Bioinorganic chemistry, Crete, Greece 20-31 July

Post by papi on Thu 19 Feb 2009, 13:29

Summer school in Bioinorganic chemistry, Crete, Greece 20-31 July
From chemistry to biology & medicine via metals

The University of Crete is one of Greece’s highest academic institutes in which excellence concerning education as well as research is one's of its main objectives.
Therefore, we enthusiastically promote international teaching collaborations with other leading international Institutes and Universities.

The renewal of the curriculum refering to chemistry, biology, and medicine is something more than simply a necessity.
The creation of multidisciplinary courses, and activities is the future in education degrees respecting the needs of the industrial partners.
The "common language" between various disciplines can only be established via similar activities as the proposed intensive course.

Subjects and Topics

Principles of coordination chemistry relevant in biology
Generalities for metals in biology
Single molecule spectroscopy
Radiometals and their use in radiotherapy and imaging
Methods for imaging and drugs detection
Principles of photochemistry
Primary processes in photosynthesis
Oligoelements and their biological role, applications in medicine.
Intracellular architecture and compartmentalisation
Natural products as a source for discovery, synthesis, and application of new pharmaceuticals.
Nanoporous Materials for Drug Delivery

I copy pasted the most highlighted parts, for more info visit the website


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