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FUBIS - International Summer and Winter University - Freie Universität Berlin

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FUBIS - International Summer and Winter University - Freie Universität Berlin Empty FUBIS - International Summer and Winter University - Freie Universität Berlin

Post by Admin on Thu 26 Feb 2009, 02:49

About FUBiS
FUBiS is an intensive, academic program through which students can earn credits that may be counted towards their degrees at their home institutions. FUBiS sessions run for 4 to 6 weeks and take place both in summer and winter.

It is FUBiS’ mission to provide international students with a premier study abroad program delivering the highest academic quality and furthering the development of intercultural competence.

FUBiS’ goal is to provide a stimulating and rewarding experience – academically, culturally, and personally.

FUBiS offers intensive and semi-intensive German language classes at five different proficiency levels. In addition FUBiS offers subject classes on various class topics. These classes are held mostly in English by distinguished German and international faculty.
Program Structure

The FUBiS program offers students many choices:
* Combination of language and subject classes. This allows students to improve their language skills as well as further their knowledge of a subject matter.
* Combination of two subject classes which may count toward a major or minor at the home institution.
* Intensive German language classes. These classes meet every weekday and allow students to focus on and thus considerably improve their German skills.
* Participation in either one semi-intensive German class or in one subject class.

Learn more about FUBIS through the website here

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