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Microsoft Research India Summer School on Networking, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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Expired Microsoft Research India Summer School on Networking, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Post by Admin on Sun 01 Mar 2009, 01:23

Microsoft Research India Summer School on Networking
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
June 08 -19, 2009

Microsoft Research India, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), will host a Summer School on Networking during June 08-19, 2009. The Summer School seeks to expose the audience, mainly comprising students, to cutting edge research in the field of computer networking. The summer school will bring in several eminent researchers in the field, each of whom will deliver a series of lectures in their area of specialization. Besides these lectures, the summer school will also provide opportunities for the attendees to network with the speakers. It is our hope that these lectures and interactions with the speakers will convey to the students in the audience the excitement of doing research in computer networking and inspire them to embark on a research career themselves.

This page includes information on the summer school program and also the key dates. Please note that past experience suggests that many more students than we could possibly accommodate are interested in attending, so we are constrained to select student attendees via a competitive process. While students would comprise the bulk of the attendees, we also expect to have participation from post-doctoral researchers and research staff, selected based on the applications we receive.

How to attend the Summer School.
You can attend the Summer School by applying to the Attendee Selection Committee. The committee shall evaluate individual applications and approve students and faculty to attend the Summer School.

Please Note:
* The applications must be sent in to reach us by the deadline noted.
* Microsoft Research India shall provide for travel, lodging and boarding of all attendees that come from within India, outside of Bangalore, for the Summer School.
* There are no fees that attendees have to pay for the Summer School.
* Attendees from outside India are welcome to apply though MSR India will only provide them accommodation in Bangalore and no travel funds.
For more information, visit the website:

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