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Interior Architecture and Design Summer School, University of Brighton School of Architecture and Design

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Expired Interior Architecture and Design Summer School, University of Brighton School of Architecture and Design

Post by Admin on Mon 02 Mar 2009, 22:30

Interior Architecture and Design Summer School
OCCUPATION: Negotiations with Constructed Space

Interior Architecture staff and students from the University of Brighton School of Architecture and Design would like to invite you to our 2009 international conference and summer school for interior architecture and design students.

The Summer School
The summer school is a mechanism for students to address many of the issues that will be raised in the conference. It will consist of a series of workshops led by design tutors and practitioners from various institutions, both nationally and internationally. The workshops will be concerned with the occupation of spaces in and around Brighton. Based on a forensic analysis of each site, students will work in groups to develop a strategy for altering each site and enhancing the experience of the space through its occupation over the week. Work will be presented to a panel of guest critics, conference delegates and design practitioners, and will be discussed as part of the general conference debate. Through this feedback-loop we hope to encourage a fresh activation of the conceptual and theoretical discussions and an inclusion of the student voice. Material from the workshops and presentations will be included in the conference publication.

Student Network
The summer school will also provide a forum for discussions concerning the establishment of a network for interior architecture and design students, to raise the profile of interior architecture/design and widen the debate about the disciplines. This network could assist in the development of employment shows, employer networks and the promotion of interior architecture/design as disciplines that specialise in working in and around existing structures.

This network will enable existing links to be sustained, and the establishment of new collaborations with comparable courses, academics and designers throughout the UK and internationally.

The Conference
Issues of inhabitation, enclosure and containment are of critical importance in this new century and an understanding of relationships between politics, place and space is indispensable for any sort of practice today. Researchers, practitioners and students in the fields of art, architecture, interior and spatial design must be open to readings of territory and design processes that are relevant to our current situation. This event will examine the motivations, forces, constraints and drives that are usually present when designing spaces for human inhabitation.
Occupation may be benign or may be achieved through the acquisition of territory by force. Occupation may also be a state of mind where daily routines and activity are curtailed, moulded and adapted to a particular environment. Spaces are composed or formed through these processes and the conference will address the frictions and negotiations that occur between built space and inhabitants.

Summer school
Monday 29 June 2009 to Friday 03 July 2009

Thursday 02 July 2009 to Saturday 04 July 2009

£200 per student including free participation in the conference.

It will be up to you to organise accommodation. A list of hotels, hostels and B&Bs will be posted on the Occupation website. If you wish to use the University of Sussex halls of residence please indicate so on your registration form. The price is £138 per week or part of.

Closing date for registration: 13 April 2009
For more information, visit this website.

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