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DEADLINE 1 July - Summer School 2011, Mastering the Art of Negotiations, Greece, 18 - 22 July

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Expired DEADLINE 1 July - Summer School 2011, Mastering the Art of Negotiations, Greece, 18 - 22 July

Post by Admin on Wed 18 May 2011, 22:12

Summer School 2011
Mastering the Art of Negotiations
Vouliagmeni – Athens, 18-22 of July, 2011

Excel yourself in Negotiations in a special summer boot camp!
Negotiate with role plays inspired by Greek History!

Overview and objectives
We negotiate all the time. Be it with our children about homework, a multibillion dollar international merger, or a territorial dispute between neighbouring states we need to cultivate all the necessary skills to ‘succeed’. Different situations, naturally call for different skills and tactics, which the effective negotiator needs to recognize and apply with speed and accuracy.

Although participants are likely to have some experience in negotiation, unaided intuition is not enough to guarantee successful results in the future. An effective negotiator needs to engage in a continuous cycle of practice, analysis, intellectual stimulation, and further practice, in order to translate experience into proprietary knowledge.

Topics Addressed
The good negotiator: practices for effective negotiation
Opening and closure: when does a negotiation start and when does it end?
Tactics, strategy, and negotiating styles: how to achieve one’s goals in various settings
A good outcome: a matter of perception?
Effective communication: easier said than done
Value creation and value distribution: a joint problem?
Future relationship: who cares?
The psychology of power, persuasion and influence.
Multi-party negotiations: two is company, three…
Are emotions an obstacle to good negotiations or do they advance the process?
What kind of relationship should one build and how can a broken relationship be repaired?
What are the best know hard negotiation tactics and how can one defend against them?
Can one be unethical in a negotiation?

Application Deadline: 1st of July 2011

For further information, visit the website

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