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European Summer School 2011 - Human Rights, 17 -29 July, Berlin

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Expired European Summer School 2011 - Human Rights, 17 -29 July, Berlin

Post by Admin on Wed 18 May 2011, 22:51

European Summer School 2011

From July 17th to 29th, 2011 the Europe-Institute for Social Work will organize the 16th European Summer School for Social Workers at the Alice Salomon University for Applied Sciences Berlin. This Summer School will focus on the topic 'Human Rights'.

What is the European Summer School?
The European Summer School takes place in Berlin usually in the second half of July each year. For two weeks, social work students from all over Europe take part in our program which is always held under current European theme. Our program offers workshops, seminars, practical experience and learning excercises that explore themes pertaining to Europe, social works and politics.

Additionally we offer a varied cultural program. Students of the Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences host the guests for a fortnight. In this way contacts to students can be made at a personal level.

The concept of the European Summer School is based on two ideas:
Firstly, to create a forum for social work students, where important social policy and social work issues can be discussed in a European context.

Secondly, to enable participants from all parts of Europe to communicate and cooperate reciprocally through a constantly extending intercultural network.

This intensive intercultural meeting creates a basis for international cooperation and is conductive for a better understanding of other cultures.

For further information and registrations, visit the event's website

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