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3rd International Parkinson's Disease Summer School, 11 - 20 July 2011, Warsaw, Poland

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Expired 3rd International Parkinson's Disease Summer School, 11 - 20 July 2011, Warsaw, Poland

Post by bloggie on Fri 20 May 2011, 10:43

3rd International Parkinson's Disease Summer School for Healthcare Students
11 - 20 July 2011
Warsaw, Poland

What this is about: 9 days of summerschool on Parkinson's Disease for 30 healthcare students from all over the World.

What you will learn: how to work in a multi professional team, how to write a research project proposal with relevance to patients in different healthcare professions, what is known about parkinson's Disease, what is not known about Parkinson's Disease, what methods are used to address the unknowns, how to review a research proposal. Next to this you will receive coaching and training of experienced student trainers on the process of teamwork and on leadership. You will receive guidance and coaching from academic experts and patients!

This sounds like hard work... will it be fun? We plan social activities nearly every night. So you get to know all participants well and see a bit of the surrounding environment. Work hard and play hard! You are participating in the 3rd event of it's kind. Our challenge is to be better and to do a better job than we could possibly do at home. We hope to create a truly energizing and inspiring summerschool, so you can exceed your own expectations. Imagine that we could amaze patients, professors and the industry sponsors, by generating original high quality research proposals in a way never done before!

Indeed 3rd Summer School: Adana, Turkey 2009, Ljubljana, Slovenia 2010, Now: Warsaw, Poland 2011. We do this annually as the concept is challenging and successful!

Organised by whom? EPSA, ENSA, EMSA and EFPSA

How: you will work in small teams of 5-10 students. Every day you produce a presentation of your day of work, to present to experts.

Teachers: you will get very few formal lectures. You will do most of the work yourself. You will be guided by our team of trainers. Academic experts will review the outcome of your efforts on the end of every day.

Outcome: during the summerschool every team (3 teams) will produce a well referenced innovative and creative research proposal.

Review of Our Work: Healthcare professionals among which academic experts in research and clinical work as well as patients and carers will review the outcomes of our work, so we can reflect on the quality of the outcomes of our efforts.

Certificate: all participants will receive a certificate of attendance

What next? You could present a poster of the outcome of your work on a conference, you could try to do a PhD on the topic, you could use the skills you learned in a whole other context.

What will you take home for sure? an intense teamwork experience, where you will be challenged both cognitively as well as while working in a team. You will feel the true intensity of teamwork and the challenges it poses to work with others and achieve a common goal.

Costs: 300 EUR registration (including food 3 times a day, accomodation and social programme), Travel expenses are not included.
For further details and registrations, please visit Summer School's website here


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