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MedEx (Multilateral student exchange program) by IPPNW

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MedEx (Multilateral student exchange program) by IPPNW Empty MedEx (Multilateral student exchange program) by IPPNW

Post by bloggie on Fri 20 May 2011, 12:25

MedEx is a multilateral student exchange program offered by IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War) to our student members. With the help of our IPPNW affiliates around the world, we are able to offer students a unique exchange program which encompasses both clinical and social service experience.

The MedEx idea originated in IPPNW-Germany, which has been sending medical students on peace and development electives for seven years now. IPPNW's MedEx is open to any medical student, including those from the global South. The idea is to create even playing fields, where not only the traditional North-South exchanges take place, but students from all countries of the world are able to move freely and experience new cultures, learn different ways of practicing medicine and meet new friends.

How the program works
A local student or physicians group decides to create a MedEx-Site in their city. This means organizing a hospital placement, taking care of accomodation and determining a social project for a foreign medical student to work in. They then register this site with the MedEx Project, which adds it to its list of possible MedEx-sites after reviewing the conditions and approving the new site.

Students from all over the world can then apply for this site and, if their application is approved by the MedEx team, will be put into contact with the local organizers who then regulate all ensuing organizational details in close personal contact with the applicant. In case of problems with funding, visa regulations or other issues, the MedEx team and the individual affiliates can be called on to help and to try to find funding. This process will be very flexible and different from case to case. Whereas some students might not need any funding and can organize the visas themselves, other students will need travel grants and personal invitations in order to go to another country.

Once all these issues are solved, the student will travel to the MedEx site, be accomodated by the local group and will:
- work in a hospital for a certain amount of time
- participate in a social project, which will have a different topic, depending on the individual site
peace and disarmament
conflict and violence prevention
abolition of the nuclear threat
public health
refugee medicine
environmental health
-nbe hosted by the local group, which can - for example - organize a speech at the local university, show the student the country, have him or her participate at local meetings, etc

Since the program is very flexible, each exchange site will be different. Some may offer extensive hospital stays, other comprehensive social programs, some putting their emphasis on the IPPNW work, and others on the cultural exchange between countries. All MedEx exchanges will however cover the three basic premises for which the project was founded:
- professional medical exchange
- working in a social setting
- bringing IPPNW students from all over the world closer together

Available Host Countries
- Canada
- East Timor
- Egypt
- Germany
- Ireland
- Kenya
- Nepal
- Zambia
For further details and applications, please visit MedEx website here


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MedEx (Multilateral student exchange program) by IPPNW Empty Re: MedEx (Multilateral student exchange program) by IPPNW

Post by angela on Mon 23 May 2011, 22:51

Hey, that is great! Although I am quite familiar with student exchanges, I 've never heard of MedEx before!
Thanks for posting!!!


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