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What type of travelling do you prefer?

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What type of travelling do you prefer? Empty What type of travelling do you prefer?

Post by angela on Sat 21 May 2011, 12:48

Hello all!!!

Type of vacations has always been the biggest problem for me to find good travel buddies! Evil or Very Mad With my boyfriend, friends etc...
I am the backpacker type and I really don't like to stick to a schedule... I mean, "we will spend 2 days here, 1 day there, then 2 more days there etc"...
I really like to carry my backpack, I tend to find accommodation as soon as I get to a place (although this is a bit risky Razz) and to take my backpack and go whenever I feel like it! And I like to visit the less touristic places at the location I am visiting... Also, I love to meet local people and other travellers and always rescheduling my plans depending on that! In this way, I feel that I really explore the city/country I am visiting...
Unfortunately most of my friends don't like this type of vacation... They prefer things to be more "fixed" and comfortable and less moving around! Razz And I cannot really get that!! My boyfriend tells me that if he is going to get more tired, then what are the vacations for??? Shocked At least, fortunately, I do have one person who likes thinks that I like, so we always make group plans, and even if the rest don't want to follow we do some of the things we enjoy together...

So what is the type of vacation that you prefer? Do you like backpacking and totally exploring the place you are visiting?? Smile


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What type of travelling do you prefer? Empty Re: What type of travelling do you prefer?

Post by skywalk on Mon 23 May 2011, 06:11

I am not really the backpacker type....
Although I am not also the stick to the plan type, but I get pretty lazy when I am on vacations...

I prefer exotic places with white sand beaches, cocktails and relaxing... not moving here and there and just the must visit places for sightseeing...
sorry, I guess I couldn't be a good travel buddy either Razz

but I can understand your problem though...
to find people that you enjoy doing the same things when you are on vacation is probably the most important thing... otherwise complaining starts and nobody is relaxed and refreshed in the end


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