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MATH in MOSCOW program

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MATH in MOSCOW program Empty MATH in MOSCOW program

Post by lisa on Sun 22 May 2011, 09:05

The Independent University of Moscow, the State University - Higher School of Economics, the Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education invite foreign students (undergraduate or graduate students specializing in mathematics and/or computer science) to spend a semester in Moscow in the framework of our MATH in MOSCOW program.

The Moscow school of mathematics is generally regarded as one of the leading ones in the world. Until recent years, the "Iron Curtain" and the language barrier made contacts with Russian mathematicians rather laborious. Today, many of its representatives teach at the best universities of the USA, Canada, and Europe, either occupying full time positions or on a part time basis. You can now gain from the expertise of Moscow mathematicians without learning Russian: all courses in the MATH in MOSCOW program are in English.

A "Math in Moscow" semester lasts 15 weeks. Each student participating in the program may choose as many courses as desired from the wide range of courses offered. There are twenty one math courses and two theoretical computer science courses.

Besides math and computer science courses, a Russian language course, courses in Russian history, history of science and Russian literature (in English) are offered.

Applying for "Math in Moscow"
If you are willing to study math, have good academic standing, have completed at least one semester of both Advanced Calculus and Linear Algebra, you are eligible to participate. In order to apply, you need to fill out an application form and provide two or more references in writing.

The deadlines:
Fall Spring
Application March 30 September 30
Tuition May 15 November 8

For further information and contacts, please visit MATH in MOSCOW website here


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