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IOM - International Organization for Migration Internships

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IOM - International Organization for Migration Internships Empty IOM - International Organization for Migration Internships

Post by gap on Tue 24 May 2011, 18:33

IOM - International Organization for Migration Internships

The IOM Internship Programme provides students with the opportunity to learn about IOM's activities, to gain initial work experience, and/or to prepare for a degree dissertation. IOM provides on the job training to interns so that both they and the organization can benefit. In addition to this, IOM evaluates interns who may eventually be included on the roster for future external vacancies. Furthermore, internships build links with their institutions and universities.

Interns tend to be students approaching the end of their programme or graduates between 19 and 32 years of age (average age is 26).

Interns are given assignments and responsibility commensurate with their experience and they are referred to a supervisor/tutor, who is responsible for mentoring and coaching. They can be given short assignments either designed within on-going programmes or on an ad-hoc basis. Interns are not considered to be staff members but Terms of Reference, tasks, duration of assignment and supervisors are clearly determined. During their assignment, interns attend monthly briefings on the different services of the Organization and visit other Geneva-based International Organizations.

Since 2002, we have welcomed many interns coming from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Canada, China, Colombia, Côte d'Ivoire, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Spain, Switzerland, Philippines, Thailand, United States of America, Uzbekistan and Venezuela.

Interns recruited in 2005 were post-graduate students in International Relations, Political Science, Law, Information Technology, International Public Administration, Human Resources and Communications.

Employment Conditions for Interns
Internships can last from 8 weeks to a maximum of 6 months. The initial contract can be renewed, provided that the overall duration does not exceed 6 months.

Either party may terminate internship contracts before the expiration date, giving one week's notice in writing.

Interns are covered against occupational injury and occupational illness under the Staff Compensation Plan.

Monthly Sustenance Allowance:
Internships are non-remunerated, voluntary assignments. IOM will grant to interns a Monthly Sustenance Allowance (MSA) as partial contribution to accommodation and living expenses. MSA does not apply for interns who receive stipends from their University, or other sources.

Travel Expenses:
In exceptional cases, travel expenses may be reimbursed, upon approval by HRM, based on travel distance, level of education and budget availability.

Annual Leave:
Interns are not entitled to days off, except for official holidays during the assignment. If required by circumstances, leave will be agreed with the supervisor.

For further information, please visit IOM website here


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