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EMSA (European Medical Students' Association)

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EMSA (European Medical Students' Association) Empty EMSA (European Medical Students' Association)

Post by Admin on Sat 14 Feb 2009, 11:41

What is EMSA

EMSA was founded by medical students, with an idea that it would benefit medical students in some way. Over the years, many ideas were expressed and many of them realized on how to make medical students, members of EMSA, to benefit as much as possible from EMSA. So far, EMSA served and still serves as:

* European network of medical students for communication & exchange of experiences
* Dissemination point for social, cultural, academic, economic and ethical aspects of medicine
* Representing body on behalf of European medical students towards different professional and international institutions
* Source of ideas & projects to be performed at YOUR faculty (Teddy Bear Hospital, Twinning Project, Working Abroad Database Project)
* Mean of learning medicine-specific terminology of a certain country through EuroTalk
* Publisher and founder of JEMSA – Journal of EMSA on Medical and Scientific Affairs
* Organizer of many congresses throughout Europe
* The organization to be in if you want to participate in cool events such as EMSA Sailing Week or EMSA Skiing Week
* The best organization to organize a workshop from the field of medical ethics or medical education at your event!
* The organization that brings you, medical students, even closer to Europe!

EMSA Twinning Project
EMSA’s Twinning Project is a socio-cultural project based on the true EMSA spirit bringing medical students together. The Twinning Project (TP) aims to:

* Make the EMSA network stronger
* Integrate EMSA members on social and cultural level
* Serve as an EMSA corporate project

The ultimate procedure of the TP is to couple two European Faculty Member Organizations as twins and exchange one or more students among each other in a cultural and social level. The students should contact each other in order to arrange two exchange periods and the twins themselves organize the actual program to take place during the exchange period.

The students must provide accommodation and meals in their own countries and will then have to pay for their travel expenses when going abroad. The program can contain visits and tours of the Faculty(s), Hospital(s) and other facilities, so as to illustrate to the twin how the country’s health system functions, whilst also showing important cultural and historical highlights of the respective country.

The duration of the Twinning can vary, from a minimum duration of five days to the maximum of ten days.
For more information on EMSA and EMSA projects, visit EMSA website

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