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8th International Summer School in Gaming Simulation (ISAGA) - Designing Simulation Games for Education and Training, 6 - 13 August, Estonia 2011

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Expired 8th International Summer School in Gaming Simulation (ISAGA) - Designing Simulation Games for Education and Training, 6 - 13 August, Estonia 2011

Post by gap on Mon 30 May 2011, 08:29

8th International Summer School in Gaming Simulation
Theme: Designing Simulation Games for Education and Training
Dates: 6 August 2011 – 13 August 2011
Venue: Viljandi Culture Academy, Viljandi, Estonia

Main Theme of Summer School 2011
“Designing Simulation Games for Education and Training”

As Klabbers has pointed out, design - broadly conceived - aims at implementing courses of action with the purpose to change existing (dysfunctional) situations into preferred ones. He distinguishes two levels of design: “design-in-the-small” and “design-in-the-large.” Design-in-the-large offers a basis to various forms of consulting, training and education in the attempt to foster new ways of thinking and acting and to change social systems. Design-in-the-small produces gaming/simulations (gaming artifacts) as interventions and interactive learning environments to enhance education & training. Used with that goal in mind, they contribute to the “design-in the-large” process of social systems.

In this course a team of lecturers will introduce you in the theory and practice of Gaming Simulation. In subgroup sessions you will go through the complete development cycle of one of these artefacts. This Summerschool is about the design of simulation games for learning. Lectures of teachers will be about different methods of game design for education and training, on the use and facilitation of simulation games particularly in educational settings (primary, secondary, tertiary), professional training, and teacher training, on pedagogical conditions and learning environment settings for learning from simulation games, on debriefing and transfer between game and reality and on assessment with games and evaluation of effects of gaming simulation. In interactive team-work (coached by the teachers) participants will develop prototype games for education and training.

Registration Fee:
- ISAGA Members or affiliated associations: SAGSAGA, JASAG, SAGSET, ABSEL, NASAGA,
500 Euro
- Non-Members 600 Euro
- Student Members 250 Euro
- Student Non-Members 300 Euro
- Developing Countries fee* 250 Euro
- Developing Countries fee Student* 100 Euro
(* It is possible to apply for further reduction (ISAGA grant) – ask director for further details).

For further information and applications, please visit Summer School's website here


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