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DEADLINE 30 June - International Tuberculosis (TB) Exchange 2011, Indonesia, 31 July - 16 August 2011

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Expired DEADLINE 30 June - International Tuberculosis (TB) Exchange 2011, Indonesia, 31 July - 16 August 2011

Post by bloggie on Tue 07 Jun 2011, 06:47

International Tuberculosis (TB) Exchange 2011
Surabaya, East Java - Madura Island Indonesia
by Faculty of Medicine Airlangga University and CIMSA
31 July - 16 August 2011

INDONESIA TUBERCULOSIS Xchange Programme 2011 opened opportunities for foreign medical students and medical students of Indonesia to be able to learn directly about the situation of tuberculosis in the state of Indonesia, which is a tropical country and is a developing country which has a relatively high prevalence of tuberculosis. This program can also automatically increase the quality of medical students to be able to eradicate tuberculosis in Indonesia and tropical countries and other developing countries. It is expected that the role of Indonesian medical students and foreign medical students as agents of change can be implemented optimally in combating tuberculosis in the world especially in developing countries.

Starting from 31 July till 16th August 2011, these are our plan:

1. Lecture
At this point you will learn about Tuberculosis from the lecturee as a major problem disease in Indonesia. We have 10 lectures that will help you to understand Tuberculosis better.
1 . General Overview Of Tropical Disease and TB In Indonesia
2. Epidemiology Of TB Disease In Indonesia And The World
3. Study Of Myobacterium Tuberculosis
4. Pathophysiology And Pathogenesis Of TB
5. Clinical Approach Of TB diagnose and Therapy (1st session)
6. Clinical Approach Of TB Diagnose and Therapy (2nd session)
7. TB drugs and resistance
8. Rapid Diagnose and Laboratory Diagnose Of TB
9. Management Of TB : Community Study and National Strategy Of TB
10. TB immunological aspect

2. Laboratory Work
(Microbiology Laboratory of Airlangga University and JICA-Japan International Cooperation Agency)
You can also work and observe your research at the modern microbiology laboratory
3. Clinical Observation
To Patient Who Suffering Tropical Disease. It’s your turn to observe the patient in dr. Soetomo Teaching Hospital (the biggest hospital in East Java, Indonesia)
4. Observation to ITD-Institute of Tropical Disease of Airlangga University
You are not only observe tuberculosis disease in here but also another tropical diseases in here.
5. A search field about the spread of Tuberculosis in Madura Island, East Java, Indonesia
You can take a sample by yourselves and observe it. By that, you will know how wide the spread of tuberculosis in Madura

Welcoming Party
In this occasion, we will provide a warmth welcoming party to let the participants get to know each other.
Farewell Party
After finishing 2-week-full of Tuberculosis Exchange, there will be a closing ceremony in this farewell party.
Cultural Program
Yogyakarta is rich in traditional culture and its value is still held strongly by the people living there. Beside Yogyakarta, participants will also visit Madura whose culture is genuinely distinctive and we will take you to know Surabaya better than ever! J
Social Programs
Every weekend, the committees will invite the participants int he social programs. By visiting tourism objects, either modern or traditional tourism objects, we hope that participants would like to visit those places again and we also hope that they wouldn't forget about the fun and enjoyable experience in Indonesia.

(A) Accomodation, full academic and social programs : € 295
(B) Accomodation, full academic and Madura’s trip : € 210
(C) Full academic and Social Programs : € 210
(D) Lecture only : € 65

Participants (medical students in pre-clinical and clinical) must register by 30 June 2011.

For further info, visit TB Xchange website here


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