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Vaughan Town - Volunteer in Spain

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Vaughan Town - Volunteer in Spain Empty Vaughan Town - Volunteer in Spain

Post by gap on Sat 11 Jun 2011, 19:02

Vaughan Systems - Be our guest in Spain!

Vaughan Town - Speak English? Volunteer in Spain!

The Project's Philosophy & Aim
For Spanish business people and professionals, the English language is often an essential tool for communication. Most Spanish adults lack sufficient proficiency with the language and, as a result, suffer an important loss of professional effectiveness when traveling abroad on business or when receiving important visitors from around the world. They feel frustrated at not being able to convey the richness of their professional skills through a language they cannot use effectively.

Your job will be to help them toward greater confidence in their ability to communicate, by exposing them to a wealth of rich speech and accents and by having them express themselves non-stop for 80 hours straight (5 days x 16 hours/day). You will not need to know or teach English grammar; this is not our objective. You will only need to talk with different people just like you'd talk to a good friend or a fun and interesting neighbor.

We want to expose our Spanish friends to real English. to the real McCoy. not to a watered down, standard version of the language. Most English teachers do the latter and, in the end, they do their students a disservice. We will not do this to them. We will expose them to the language just as they may hear it on the streets of London, Glasgow, Dublin, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, Cape Town, or for that matter, Coffeyville, Kansas.

The Participants
VaughanTown is a non-paid, volunteer program where Native English speaking participants exchange conversation for room and board in the heart of the Spanish countryside.

You will come to Spain under the umbrella of Vaughan Systems, the largest in-company language training firm in Spain. Our 300 trainers provide more than 350,000 hours per year of language training to over 5,000 executives and technical personnel in more than 520 companies, with such names as Microsoft, Ericsson, Accenture, John Deere, Ford, Pfizer Labs, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, Heineken, Exxon-Mobil, and a very long etcetera. In our classes, we build for our Spanish executives the foundation, main pillars, and beams. At VaughanTown, we will want *YOU* to expose them to "the real McCoy" and, in essence, finish off that roof for them.

Are you VaughanTown material? If your answer is YES to the following questions, we welcome you to experience the five most memorable days of your life!
- Are you a Native English speaker?
- Are you naturally inquisitive?
- Do you enjoy nature and the outdoors?
- Are you patient and helpful?
- Can you talk about many different subjects?
- Do you enjoy learning new things?
- Do you enjoy socializing and meeting new people?
- Are you outgoing, open and friendly?
- Are you interested in learning about the Spanish culture and people?
- Do you enjoy helping people learn something new?
- Are you brimming with enthusiasm and zest?
- Are you adaptable to new and different food?
- Are you creative and fun?
- Are you totally clueless about the Spanish language?
- Have you had no previous english teaching experience?

- Gredos (Barco de Ávila)
- Valdelavilla
- Villacarriedo (Cantabria)
- Sheraton Santa Maria (Rascafria)

One to Ones are 50 minute conversations between one Anglo and one Spaniard. The one to ones rotate on an hourly basis, so by the end of the week you will see every participant at least once. Telephone Session
A Telephone session is a structured one to one conversation over the telephone. We provide a book with several activities. The Anglo and Spaniard then choose one or two and spend the session speaking on the telephone.

Conference Call
Conference calls are structured role plays over the telephone. Three Spaniards and at least one Anglo speak in a conference call environment for 40 minutes.

Group Activities
After siesta we have a group discussion/activity. These group activates are designed for facilitating discussion and team building.

Entertainment hour
From 8-9 we will have one hour of entertainment; music, theatre, jokes, stories, presentations, karaoke...skies the limit! And you are the protagonists!

For further inforation and available dates and programs, visit Vaughan Systems website here


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