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Paris with the Parisians

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Paris with the Parisians Empty Paris with the Parisians

Post by jenny on Sun 12 Jun 2011, 03:00

Paris with the Parisians

So, you have decided that you’ll spend your next stay, not like a visitor, but like a Parisian?

Then we can suggest a way of really getting to know the city, its neighbourhoods and its inhabitants. You will be able to meet Parisians in a warm, convivial atmosphere, for example, in their local cafes, and on walks or during festive events. Also you will have the opportunity to share their enthusiasm for their profession in their workshops, or in the back of the shops.

And then, if you opt to stay in bed and breakfast accommodation you will also get to see the inside of a Parisian home! So, happy discoveries! And we wish you some wonderful unforgettable memories!

And, a word of advice to wall-flowers and other timid types – all of these activities are strictly voluntary and involve no forced audience participation of any kind. So, don’t hang back if you are unsure of your French or don’t like speaking in front of groups: all of theses activities offer a wonderful low-key occasion to make new friends in Paris.

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Paris with the Parisians Empty Re: Paris with the Parisians

Post by Rajeshnai on Thu 14 Jul 2011, 22:04

First of all, you stay in the home of native speakers in an French speaking country. There you'll be immersed in the French language and French customs. From breakfast until bedtime, you hear and speak nothing but French. Think of the chances you'll have to increase your vocabulary, polish up your grammar, improve your listening skills and sort out your pronunciation.

You can explore the area where you're staying. Your host will take you on sightseeing trips to special scenic and historic sites as well as to shops and cafes for a total immersion in English life.

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