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Business Competition - Ptak Prize Global Case Competition

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Expired Business Competition - Ptak Prize Global Case Competition

Post by lisa on Mon 13 Jun 2011, 22:52

Case Competition
ISCEA Ptak Prize - Supply Chain Case Competition

All young business professionals and students are encouraged to participate in the Global Case Competition

Do you and three of your friends or colleagues have what it takes to compete against the best and brightest young business professionals and students in the world?

The Ptak Prize Global Case Competition will bring together students and young professionals from around the world to compete for the chance to win the title of Ptak Prize Global Case Competition winner and cash prizes.

The competition will take place over two rounds, with teams of four (no more/no less).

Round One - Teams will attend one of the regional events to compete in a paper case competition. The winner of this round will win USD $1,000, voucher for free ISCEA CSCM exam, and a Ptak Prize Regional Winner medallion.

Round Two: The final round will take place online and is hosted by The Fresh Connection. Regional winners will compete against other finalist around the world – managing their own online businesses over a 48-hour period. The team that wins by having the highest ROI over the 48 hour period will win the title of The Ptak Prize Global Case Competition winner, USD $5,000, The Ptak Prize Global Winner trophy, and bragging rights for you and your University and/or Company for the rest of your life!!!

How it works:
Round One: Teams will arrive at their respective regional location by 8:30 am.
At 9:00am teams will be presented a case study. The case will be similar in length and style to Harvard Business School cases.

Teams will have three hours starting at 9:30am to:
- Review the case study
- Pick out the relevant business issues
- Develop a series of recommendations
- Create a very informative and well thought out presentation for panel of judges.

At 12:30pm each team will have up to 20 minutes to present before a panel of judges; proceeded by a 5 minute Q&A. Teams are not required to create a certain amount of slides or papers, but must use their best judgment to create a presentation that is effective and persuasive.

Judges will evaluate team presentations based on the quality of these areas: analysis, presentation, Q&A, and overall performance. Each region’s panel of five judges will be comprised of experienced academic and business professionals.

Round Two: The final round – hosted by The Fresh Connection – will start at 6pm (GMT) on Friday, August 19 and continue until 6pm (GMT) on Sunday, August 21. After the final regional event has concluded – finalist will attend an online information session on The Fresh Connection platform and how it works. The Fresh Connection will also provide a Q&A session, if necessary, during the competition. The winner will be decided by the team able to generate the highest ROI over the 48-hour period.


- Middle East: June 25, 2011, Dubai, UAE
- North America: July 23, 2011, Las Vegas, NV
- Asia: July 16, 2011, Pune, India
- Europe: June 11, 2011, Berlin, Germany
- Latin America: July 30, 2011, Bogota, Colombia

The Fresh Connection Online Final Round!
August 19 -21, 2011

For more information and registrations, visit ISCEA Events website here


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