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Africa Youth Ministries Uganda Volunteer Projects

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Africa Youth Ministries Uganda Volunteer Projects Empty Africa Youth Ministries Uganda Volunteer Projects

Post by bloggie on Tue 14 Jun 2011, 05:54

Africa Youth Ministries

Africa Youth Ministries was founded in 2003 by a group of visionary young people with a holistic vision to empower and save humanity.

Geographically, Africa Youth Ministries Uganda is currently operating in the Districts of Wakiso, Jinja, Hoima, Kampala and Lira.

In the five Districts we operate in Africa Youth Ministries is involved in the following programs and activities:


Africa Youth Ministries is a Child and Youth focused non profit making organization established to implement projects/programs to implement projects addressing problems facing young people such as HIV and AIDS, armed conflicts, poverty, drug abuse, un-employment etc.

As a non profit making organization, as such, we rely on the generosity of our friends, well-wishers, community members, sponsors, donors & volunteers for support. In the last 7 years of our existence, the organization has grown in terms of project and programs beneficiaries, national & regional coverage, as well as organization staff, donors, sponsors, well-wishers etc. Our volunteer opportunities run through out the year, as you write to us with your expression of interest, kindly be specific on dates and duration as this will help us match you with other visiting volunteers both local & international. It also becomes less costly for us to manage group volunteer programmes. There is a place for your time, talents and resources.

- Medical Missions/Outreaches:
We strive to uplift the health status of the less privileged in specific rural areas of Uganda. During 2010 and beyond we need OB-GYN, Physicians, General Surgeons, Pediatricians, Dentists, Nurses, Surgical Technologists, Laboratory Technicians, Pharmacists, Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Pastors, physiotherapists, Medical and Dental Students as well as individuals with no previous medical experience.

- Sports For Social Change Projects:
We’re running a very vibrant sports project reaching 1000's of boys and girls teaching them about AIDS and many life skills e.g. Team work, time management, budgeting, fair play, conflict resolution etc. The sports project also responds to traumatic experiences Children face when they loose their parents to AIDS or war related trauma, through play therapy, children gradually heal from their traumas. The project is in dire need of skilled basket ballers, volleyballers, soccer, netballers to spend time training the boys and girls. We also need coaches who can train local peer coaches and referees as a capacity building and project sustainability approach.

- Basketball & Volleyball:
We need volleyball coaches for our rural and urban community volleyball skills training outreaches.

- Netball:
We need netball volunteer coaches to train our rural community netball teams and as well train peer netball coaches

- Light & Heavy Construction:
We need volunteers for our construction projects e.g. low cost houses for families affected by AIDS e.g. widows, orphans and elderly persons. We’re also running a Hospital construction project (Living Hope Hospital) and schools construction projects. These are projects suitable for school, college, university, and church groups during summer, fall and spring breaks. As a group you can choose to fundraise to build low cost houses, a classroom, a hospital ward or room.

- Child Care & Sponsorship:
Volunteers are need in the areas of trauma counseling for children affected by war, orphaned by AIDS, victims of domestic violence and abuse. We also need volunteers in child care kits sorting and distribution and as well develop child friendly games etc. Volunteers are need to raise support both material and financial our child care and sponsorship program.

- Sports Equipments Collection Drives:
We’re looking for devoted volunteers who within their home countries can organize and launch charity sports equipments drives through schools, colleges, universities, churches, sports clubs etc. As well raisefunds for shipping such sports equipments to Uganda, fortunately, Africa Youth Ministries has a memorandum of understanding with the government of Uganda, we do not pay customs duties for all our imported project items.

- Community Based Care & Support of People Living with AIDS:
Together with our palliative care community team you will be able to provide home visitation, treatment, counseling, spiritual & moral support, HIV/AIDS Sensitization, Treatment of opportunistic infections (OI’s), collection of blood samples for CD4 Counts, training of palliative counselors, distribution of relief items to PLWHA, train them in dance & drama, train them in Art & Craft as a means of income & also train them in horticulture & poultry as a means of income.

- HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaigns:
Volunteers are needed for our on-going HIV Prevention campaigns e.g. community and school based free HIV testing campaigns, and during the World AIDS Day Testing Millions Campaign, we need laboratory technicians, VCT Counselors, Doctors, Nurses, statistician for data analysis and research etc.

- Income Generating Skills Development:
Don’t give them fish, but teach them to Fish” We want to discourage young people from the dependency syndrome by giving them skills that will help them to earn a living. As a volunteer you will be required to train our project beneficiaries in entrepreneurial skills such as poultry keeping, agro-forestry, bee keeping, hand craft making, bakery, weaving etc.

- Fundraising & Handcraft Charity Sales:
We urgently need volunteers to help us in our fundraising campaigns e.g. our on-going charity sales of handcrafts especially on major big days such as Christmas, Easter, International Women’s Day, Global Peace Day and World AIDS Day. You can volunteer to sale for us our handcrafts, we’re currently working with various individuals, Church groups, college, university, school groups and charities.

- Peace-Building/Humanitarian Intervention projects:
We need volunteers with prior knowledge or experience in implementing peace-building projects, through sport, art, income generating activities for war affected young people to help them start a new life. Similarly, our major focus in Northern Uganda is reconciliation & forgiveness, as a volunteer you will be required to help us design better programs and projects that enhance reconciliation & forgiveness among young people. This will include peace education for both out of school and school going young people through drama, music, dance etc.

- Fundraising:
We need volunteers with experience to help us write & submit grant proposals on our behalf, organize fundraising events, dinners etc in your country. As the competition for the little available funding grows stiffer, we have to adjust accordingly to sustain our projects/programs. Used items such as mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, cameras, video cameras, CD Players & cassettes can be a major source of income when sold locally here. We set up an internet café, which has been earning us approximately US$ 43 per day, which is US$ 1290 per month. This income has been helping us to pay our utility bills, office rent, pay school fees for a few orphaned children and other running costs. Unfortunately due to the prevailing electricity rationing in the country, we were forced to close temporarily. If every volunteer coming to work with us in Uganda would come with a computer or 5 and more used mobile phones, this would help us so much in raising funds for our projects.

Find out more through Africa Youth inistries website here


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