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UBISS 2011, AIDS: past, present and future directions, 11 - 15 July 2011, Barcelona

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Expired UBISS 2011, AIDS: past, present and future directions, 11 - 15 July 2011, Barcelona

Post by gap on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 00:44

UBISS 2011 - University of Barcelona Summer School 2011
AIDS: past, present and future directions
11 - 15 July 2011

The course is addressed to a general audience interested in infectious diseases and epidemics but also to health care professionals wishing to become familiar with current developments in HIV/AIDS treatment. We will describe the origin and characteristics of HIV, the mechanisms and dynamics of viral replication and how we can intervene with combinations of antiretroviral drugs. We will also focus on resistance selection. Moreover we will analyze the natural history of the HIV infection, the clinical consequences and the immunological and clinical response to antiretroviral treatment. Finally, we will focus on transmission mechanisms and on the advances and drawbacks in the development of a preventative vaccine. We will assume that the audience has a general knowledge of pathogenic microorganisms for human beings (including the viruses) and at the end of the course participants will have learnt about the origins and the evolution of the epidemic and its social and demographic impact.

1. Natural history of AIDS: transmission mechanisms
2. Epidemiology and prevention of AIDS
3. HIV-1
4. Inmunopathogenesis of HIV infection
5. Acute HIV-1 infection
6. AIDS-associated co-infections: prevention and treatment
7. Non-AIDS events: health complications associated with age and not with the infection
8. Antiretroviral treatment
9. Preventive and therapeutic vaccines
10. Other human pathogenic retroviruses

Dates of course: From July, 11th to 15th
Schedule: 16 PM - 20:30 PM
Duration: 20 or 30 h

UBISS General Information
Target audience
UBISS courses are open to everyone, there being no admission requirements to take part in its activities.

UBISS courses are recognized by the University of Barcelona (UB) and entitle students to free-elective and ECTS credits, which makes them especially attractive for UB students. UBISS programs should also appeal to teachers in the state sector as they are recognized as accredited training courses.

Course characteristics
UBISS one-week courses are scheduled over 20 hours of taught class time. Additionally, participants are invited to complete an individual assignment corresponding to 10 hours of work outside the classroom. The courses are therefore offered as either 20- or 30-hour modules.

Courses this year are taught in Spanish, English, French and Italian. In cases where a session is to be taught in a language other than that specified for the course as a whole, this is clearly stated after the name of the speaker.

Find out more at UBISS 2011 website here


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