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ELSA - CBL International China Law School, July - August 2011

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Expired ELSA - CBL International China Law School, July - August 2011

Post by gap on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 19:36

For the second consecutive year, ELSA and CBL International have joined forces to offer its ELSA Members the best opportunity for international education with discounted tuition fees.

CBL International China Law School is run by CBL International in cooperation with the School of Economics and Management at Tongji University, in Shanghai. English-speaking students get the opportunity to study Chinese law and business during a three-week course, while immersed in the day-to-day life of China's bustling economic center.

Locations: Two weeks of the law school's lectures and events will take place in China's biggest economic center, Shanghai. For one week of the three-week course, the program will be based in the capital city, Beijing. This excursion will include lectures, visits to international businesses and law firms, meetings with managers, and of course a lot of sightseeing to create a perfectly balanced program of studying, learning, and having fun.

Interdisciplinary: The program is ideal for business and law students as well as anyone interested in legal and economic developments in the Far East.

International: Integrated into the program are lectures given by internationally renowned tutors from many different departments. With students and young professionals from different countries taking part, the program has an international flavor and flair that lend it a fresh perspective, ensuring all participants will be kept on their toes!

Career-enhancing: Businessmen, lawyers and cultural representatives will provide insights into commercial life and legal work in China. Visits to law firms and enterprises will give participants an impression of what it is like to work in these fields in China.

Credits: Every week of CBL China International Business School is equivalent to 2 ECTS credit - so in total 6 ECTS credits (3 US credits).

On-the-Ground: A Chinese language course helps participants to be prepared for everyday situations.

... and in addition: Sightseeing to contemporary, cultural and historical places of note in Shanghai and Beijing.

Dates & Fees
Sessions in 2011
- Session I from 3 until 23 July 2011
- Session II from 31 July until 20 August 2011

- Registration fee: a non-refundable payment of US$ 550 after registration and confirmation
- Tuition fee: including all lectures and materials, transportation (excluding private transportation) and all other costs connected to the programme, e.g. admission prices, visits, etc.
- Housing: non-mandatory, only if desired. Accommodation is provided for in the form of double rooms. Breakfast is included.

The total price includes the trip to Beijing (transportation and accommodation), any necessary transportation to the visited institutions outside of the Tongji campus and the farewell dinner. Furthermore, the total price contains all of the lecture units, the course materials, the costs of the practical introduction to the Chinese language (Chinese course), and the textbook for the Chinese language course.

Total costs
Students up to age 25
- Tuition : US$ 2,480 including registration fee (early‐bird rate USD 2,380)
- Housing (only if desired) : US$ 500 double-room, US$ 1000 single room

Students age 25+
- Tuition: US$ 3,130 including registration fee (early‐bird rate USD 3,030)
- Housing (only if desired): US$ 1,500 single room

Payments can be made by money transfer or credit card. Details will be provided in our invoice message.

How to get discounted rates for ELSA members?
It’s very easy:
1- Apply for the programme of your preference in China or Dubai with:
Online application form or
PDF downloadable application form
2- On the application form go to the “How did you learn about us?” option, choose “promotion code” and input the word “ELSA”
3- We will automatically reduce the tuition fee (USD 100 for China and USD 70 for Dubai) – non applicable for registration fee as it will remain the same for ESLA and Non-ELSA member.

For further information and aplications, visit the Summer School's website here


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