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Summer School - Singularities: algebra, geometry and applications, Ukraine, Kiev, August 8-19, 2011

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Expired Summer School - Singularities: algebra, geometry and applications, Ukraine, Kiev, August 8-19, 2011

Post by lisa on Mon 20 Jun 2011, 17:06

Singularities: algebra, geometry and applications
Ukraine, Kiev
August 8-19, 2011

The aim of this school is to introduce the younger researchers and graduate students to the modern trends of the theory of singularities, including both algebraic and geometric aspects, and both classical approaches and the newest ones, related to derived categories, noncommutative geometry, representation theory, tropical geometry, etc. In particular, introductory courses in these areas will be given. Applications of the theory to mathematical physics (Young-Mills equations, mirror symmetry, etc.), computer science and other fields will also be considered.

The program will include both lecture courses with exercises and talks of the participants. Especially those questions will be treated which have been the topics of collaboration between the Ukrainian and the West-European scientists, as well as with the mathematicians from Belorus, Georgia, Rumania, Russia and other countries.

- Isolated Gorenstein Singularities
- Cohen-Macaulay modules over surface singularities
- Derived categories and tilting with applications to singularities
- Lie algebras and singularity theory
- Invariants and deformations of hypersurface singularities
- Poincaré series of filtrations, integrals with respect to the Euler characteristic, and monodromy zeta-functions
- Vanishing cycles of polynomial functions
- SINGULAR in the theory of singularities

For further information and application details, please visit the Summer School's website


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