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Deadine 1st December - Talinn Winter School 2013, Estonian & Russian Language Courses, 7 - 25 January, Talinn

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Deadine 1st December - Talinn Winter School 2013, Estonian & Russian Language Courses, 7 - 25 January, Talinn Empty Deadine 1st December - Talinn Winter School 2013, Estonian & Russian Language Courses, 7 - 25 January, Talinn

Post by Admin on Sun 04 Nov 2012, 21:21

Talinn Winter School 2013, Estonian & Russian Language Courses
7 - 25 January

Internationalization is the focus at Tallinn University. Our objective is to establish an international centre for academic and scientific research in Tallinn, and part of this includes the tradition of holding an international summer school. From 2010, Tallinn’s summer school has had a seasonal counterpart – the Tallinn Winter School. The first ever winter school turned out to be very popular, not least because Tallinn had a picturesque covering of white snow at the time!

Tallinn Summer and Winter Schools offer the best Estonian-language specialists teaching at the highest level, and the program provides exposure to a wide range of internationally-acclaimed academics. In addition, participants will be introduced to the finest aspects of our local culture. Interaction with a diverse array of fellow international students often proves to be the most important aspect of both Summer and Winter programs. Guided by faculty members from a variety of disciplines, students are exposed to new ways of thinking. In summer 2012, 52 different countries were represented, bringing together 363 students in 19 subject-specific courses.

Tallinn Winter School 2013 offers four courses: Estonian and Russian intensive language courses, plus workshops in painting and new media. Studies will be supplemented by a program of cultural and social events. The language of instruction is English and all courses last from one to three weeks.

Registration Deadline
The registration deadline is December 1st.

Russian Language Course
The Russian Language Course is an initiative organised by Catherine’s College, at Tallinn University. It is a well-established fact that the best way to learn a foreign language is to visit a country where it is spoken. Estonia is on the threshold of the Russian Federation and the school takes advantage of this proximity. Estonia’s historical connection provides students with one of the best opportunities to learn Russian in the region.

- Participants
The course is suitable for students of Russian at all the levels, including complete beginners. It is ideal for students of political science majoring in the countries of the former Soviet Union, since it offers one of the best possibilities to compare two former Soviet countries as well as learn Russian. It is also perfect for those whose work or business is connected with Russia and the Russian language, and for anyone interested in Russian language and culture and appreciates the combination of high teaching standards with a fascinating cultural programme.

The number of classes equals 60 hours (15 days of classes, 5 ECTS). Students are expected to attend 4 lessons a day. The basic communication language is English. After successful completion of the course our students get the certificate of the Winter School.

- Course fee
390 EUR.

Estonian Language Course
Across the globe there are millions of people who speak English, but only one million speak Estonian. The language is part of the Fenno-Ugric group, and is related to Finnish and Hungarian. Tallinn University’s course in the Estonian Language offers an opportunity to study an unusual and entrancing language right here against the backdrop of a well-preserved medieval city. The course aims to familiarize a wide range of international students not only with the Estonian language, but also with the country’s rich culture, history, art, literature and lifestyle.

- Participants
The course is suitable for students of all levels of competence in the Estonian language, from complete beginners with no practical experience to conversationally capable speakers. The three week intensive course contains 60 hours teaching language. A total of 3 ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) credits will be awarded for the combined linguistic and cultural elements of the program. In order to get the winter school certificate, students have to participate in at least 75% of the classes.

- Course fee
390 EUR. Price is not including textbook “E nagu Eesti” or “T nagu Tallinn”.

For further information please visit Talinn Winter School website

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