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Deadine 1st December - Talinn Winter School 2013, New Media Design & Painting Workshops, January, Talinn

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Deadine 1st December - Talinn Winter School 2013, New Media Design & Painting Workshops, January, Talinn Empty Deadine 1st December - Talinn Winter School 2013, New Media Design & Painting Workshops, January, Talinn

Post by Admin on Sun 04 Nov 2012, 21:49

Talinn Winter School 2013, New Media Design & Painting Workshops
7 - 25 January

Internationalization is the focus at Tallinn University. Our objective is to establish an international centre for academic and scientific research in Tallinn, and part of this includes the tradition of holding an international summer school. From 2010, Tallinn’s summer school has had a seasonal counterpart – the Tallinn Winter School. The first ever winter school turned out to be very popular, not least because Tallinn had a picturesque covering of white snow at the time!

Tallinn Summer and Winter Schools offer the best Estonian-language specialists teaching at the highest level, and the program provides exposure to a wide range of internationally-acclaimed academics. In addition, participants will be introduced to the finest aspects of our local culture. Interaction with a diverse array of fellow international students often proves to be the most important aspect of both Summer and Winter programs. Guided by faculty members from a variety of disciplines, students are exposed to new ways of thinking. In summer 2012, 52 different countries were represented, bringing together 363 students in 19 subject-specific courses.

Tallinn Winter School 2013 offers four courses: Estonian and Russian intensive language courses, plus workshops in painting and new media. Studies will be supplemented by a program of cultural and social events. The language of instruction is English and all courses last from one to three weeks.

Registration Deadline
The registration deadline is December 1st.

New Media: Experimental Interaction Design
January 14 – 25, 2013

The Institute of Informatics of Tallinn University offers a unique two-week course in experimental interaction design enabling fully hands-on insight into new media.

During the first week, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of new media, interaction design, pervasive, ubiquitous, multi-modal, and physical digital environments in lively hands-on workshops.

As for the second week, students will work in small groups to design and create new media product prototypes and gain experience in a number of interaction design principles, methods, tools and environments.

By the end of the course, every student group will have achieved a working prototype of their new media creation and will be able to share and discuss them with their peers and tutors.

- Participants
This course is suitable for all people interested in new media and no specific background is required. Each participant receives a diploma of completion. No specific tools are needed but participants may use their own hardware and software. The course is limited to 15 participants.

- Course fee
250 EUR.

Creative Workshop in Painting
January 21 – January 25, 2013

We live in a colouful world, colours surround and influence us for our whole lifetime. But how often do we stop and think about this influence? What is it in our environment that makes us nervous and stressed; what is it that creates harmonious feelings and joy? Colours have a lot of power, depending on the combinations and the ones that are used in nature differ from those used by man. During our course we try to analyze the influence of colour combinations in a modern town.
The winter school painting course is led by painter Renee Aua, who is also an expert drawer and portrait artist. The primary aim of the painting studio is to explore creative relationships and to collectively find solutions to problems in painting. The task of the current studio is classic “veduta” in modern key – painting a townscape, discovering which motifs offer themselves as possibilities for painting in our present day.
For beginners and less experienced painters, it is essential to explore basic methods of painting. For more experienced students, it is usually more important to develop their individual means of expression. For both beginners and advanced students, it is helpful to see and learn how a similar task is performed by another student. Although this may result in plagiarism, such methods of subconscious copying are considered a valuable part of the study process and exchange of information.
An academic painting studio has always been considered the universal means of imparting painting skills. Nowadays, following these same rules is still valuable in quickly learning the necessary techniques to create a picture. Usually, under these circumstances, the result is predictable and the method is only effective for solving a particular delimited task.
As painting is a much broader and more creative process than just making a picture, the next stage in the studio program will be to test the limit of possibilities in academic painting until rules are abandoned. The pattern of activities is improvisation, originating from a motif or an individual idea or vision.

- Participants
The course is for people interested in improving their painting skills, as well as for those who would like to explore their skills for the very first time. All the materials are provided by Tallinn Winter School.

- Course fee
200 EUR.

For further information, please visit Talin Winter School website

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