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EUROPAfest 2013, May 9 – 25, Bucharest

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EUROPAfest 2013, May 9 – 25, Bucharest Empty EUROPAfest 2013, May 9 – 25, Bucharest

Post by Admin on Mon 05 Nov 2012, 10:50

EUROPAfest 2013
May 9 – 25

EUROPAfest Events

It's all about live-quality-music !

20 springs.
20 years of concerts, contests, unforgettable encounters with musicians from all around the world, creative synergies, excitement, ecstatic audiences, ambience and bon-tone.
Jazz, blues, pop & classic, all in one event.

For two weeks, May 9 – 25, EUROPAfest 2013 will revive the capital’s musical stage, gathering in Bucharest over 300 musicians from 45 countries, from Europe, but also from other countries.

Opening Concert – Europe’s Day
The first day is dedicated to celebrating Europe’s Day – a full start of jazz, blues, pop and classical music performed by the first names of the event. The concert is organized in partnership with the Representation of the European Commission in Romania.

Jazz, Blues & Pop Concerts
For the next days, jmEvents is proposing jazz, blues and pop concerts performed by well-known European musicians, both in traditional and unconventional concert venues.

Bucharest International Jazz Competition
The 6th edition of Bucharest International Jazz Competition, a singular event in the professional Romanian jazz field that successfully started in 7 years ago, brought in 2012, 25 bands from 24 countries and promises the same atmosphere – 100 % jazz & more.

Jam Sessions & Workshops
The competition is followed by jam sessions and workshops, under the guidance of international specialists.

Jeunesses International Music Competition
The second competition under the EUROPAfest brand is Jeunesses International Music Competition, a well-known competition both nationally and internationally. In 2013, the discipline is piano. 138 competitors from 38 countries showed their talent in front of an international jury in the 2012 violin competition.

Caffe Festival
A special event is Caffe Festival, a series of concerts for those who want to rediscover the pleasure of listening to music in an unconventional space.

EUROPAfest Gala
EUROPAfest 2013 ends on May 25, with the most exciting event – Gala – an evening when the best artists of the festival perform and the public has the chance to find out the prize-winners of the two contests.

The agenda offers many. EUROPAfest 2013 promises so many reasons to escape the daily routine, that it will be hard to choose just one event.

And please, don’t forget… It's all about live quality music !

Find out more on EUROPAfest website

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