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NVDA-Network for Voluntary Development in Asia

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NVDA-Network for Voluntary Development in Asia Empty NVDA-Network for Voluntary Development in Asia

Post by Admin on Sat 28 Feb 2009, 06:58

NVDA is an international networking NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) to promote international voluntary service (especially international workcamps) in Asia/ Pacific
* In NVDA, "Asia" means "Asia and Pacific regions".

It was started in 1997 by 11 NGOs in 11 countries and now consists of 21 national NGOs in 15 countries/ area and 1 international NGO that has branches in other 13 countries.

The main activities are:
1) Regular Networking Projects
2) Starting workcamps in new countries
3) Improving qualities of NGOs and their projects
4) Sending volunteers to workcamps all over the world
5) Common actions in Asia for various social issues

NVDA offers great opportunities to join international workcamps all over the world IF you live in the countries/ areas where there are no NVDA members nor partner workcamp NGOs for example;
* China * Hong Kong * Taiwan(+) * Malaysia * Singapore(++) * Brunei * New Zealand * Cambodia * Laos * Myanmar * All in West Asia (Iran, UAE, etc.) * All in Pacific (Fiji, Samoa, etc.) * Luxemburg * Kazakhstan * Egypt * Israel * Costa Rica * Brazil * Chile

+ If you live in Taiwan, you need to apply through our partner organization, Vision Youth Action. NVDA does not accept direct applications from Taiwan.
++ If you live in Singapore, you need to apply through our partner organization, X-Trekkers. NVDA does not accept direct applications from Singapore.
* Sending volunteers from outside Asia-Pacific is done in cooperation with CCIVS at UNESCO though the application procedure is same to NVDA.
Otherwise, you need to apply through NVDA member or partner NGOs in your countries.
If you are not sure whether your countries have NVDA member/ partner NGOs, feel free to ask the General Secretary!

What are International Workcamps?
International voluntary projects, where volunteers from all over the world live & work together with local people for environmental & cultural protection, social justice, rural & human development, etc.

In 2005, over 3,000 projects were held in over 90 countries.
Most of the projects are for 2-3 weeks though LMTV (Long/ Middle Term Volunteers) projects between 2 and 12 months are also increasing. There are also some weekend workcamps for 2-3 days. This movement has been deeply supported by UNESCO, UN.

Project Finance:
Many WOs manage the running finances by inscription fee from volunteers & some are supported also by government foundations, etc.

Volunteers need to pay the travel cost to/from workcamps and fee to WOs in their own countries.

Food & accommodations are provided by local partners, though there are participation fee around 100-200 US$ in some workcamps in Africa, Asia, etc.
For more information, visit the website here.

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