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LOT Summer and Winter School 2009/2010

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Expired LOT Summer and Winter School 2009/2010

Post by Admin on Mon 30 Nov 2009, 08:06

LOT Summer and Winter School 2009/2010

LOT is an acronym of Landelijke Onderzoekschool Taalwetenschap (lit.: National Graduate School of Linguistics). Research in LOT thus focuses on the following issue: "What are the cognitive faculties underlying human language in structure and use, and what principles govern their interaction?" It is the goal of LOT to create a scientific community in which this research can be optimally pursued.

LOT organizes, and is principally responsible for, the national graduate courses. LOT offers a Winter School in January and a Summer School in June/July. The topics of the courses in part are determined by general considerations, and in part reflect the main research topics of the organizing institute/group. The selection further reflects the number of graduate students working in specific areas, and the interest shown by the students in recent years.

Each School offers a maximum of 18 courses in a program of two weeks. Courses consist of 2.5 hr sessions on 5 consecutive days. A course may be completed by writing a paper. LOT-students can qualify for a so-called LOT-certificate specifying that the student has fulfilled the requirements of the LOT-curriculum. These two-week course blocks are hosted in turn by the participating institutes/groups. For 2008, the following scheme has been determined:

- Summer School 2009: June 8 - July 19, Universiteit Leiden

- Winter School 2010: January 18-29, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

- Summer School 2010: June 14 - 25, Universiteit Nijmegen

You can find more information here

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