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Post by Admin on Tue 23 Mar 2010, 01:56

Are you interested in Global Health?

Love working with children?

Looking for a once in a lifetime experience this summer?

The seventh season of the ReCap, Refugee Camp Project, of the IFMSA Palestine & IPPNW (International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear war) is about to begin.

The project duration is four weeks (starting July 12th and ending on August 8th 2010).

The first week is spent at Al-Quds university in the outskirts of Jerusalem for a series of lectures and workshops on the history of Palestine and the current conflict as well as the social, political, cultural situation of the people in the refugee camps.

The remainder of the month is spent in Bethlehem, where the participants carry out social activites in local refugee camps, attend hospital rotations and U.N.R.W.A clinics at a refugee camp. Visits to other West Bank towns and Jerusalem.

The project is open to medical students only.
For more information and to complete the application form please visit:

Application deadlines: 1st April 2010

For any queries, please contact the International Coordinator:

The Palestinian Refugee Camp Project (RECAP)

A joint project between IFMSA-Palestine and the IPPNW, where a number of medical students from different parts of the world visit Palestine for a month, during which they get to know more about the conflict, the Palestinian refugees' problem and situation, and experience real life in refugee camps.

ReCap aims to reduce the effect of war and conflict on Palestinian refugee children, train young health professionals in the field of psychological and community health, contribute to building a basis for establishing a permanent peace in the region, develop human resources, by motivating medical students to become involved in IFMSA Palestine and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) and other medical students organizations working in the field of refugee health, increase awareness of the Palestinian refugee problem among young medical professionals, help medical students better understand the needs and multiple health challenges faced by refugee populations, by raising awareness of the connection between psychosocial status and health, and To conduct research on the mental health status of Palestinian refugee children.

A four days workshop that includes lectures, presentations and trainings.
Lectures about : History of refugees: from the Canaanites till now, Psychological effects of the Intifada on refugee children, Dealing with refugee children Violations of Palestinian health care services and the wall, Film about refugee life and personal experience in a refugee camp.

Children's Activities
Drawing, face painting, Music lessons and playing, physical activities, English lessons, First aid, Drama therapy and Sports
For more information, visit the website

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