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Traveling alone???

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Traveling alone???

Post by angela on Sat 21 May 2011, 13:09


are there any people here that are lone travellers? Razz I would really love to hear some experiences and tips!!
Traveling alone is something that I would really like to do one day and although I' ve thought about it several times (even thought of the destination Malaysia - Indonesia - Singapore), I cannot really decide on it! scratch
Maybe I am afraid that I will eventualy get bored or maybe of something happening to me...
Anyway, if there is anyone around here, I would love to hear a personal experience of how it is actually like to travel alone... Also, why someone would prefer that type of traveling?

Thanks!! Smile


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Re: Traveling alone???

Post by RyanOdell27 on Tue 20 Dec 2011, 23:34

I travel alone, with my friends, family, colleagues. It depends on the requirement and where are you going. When I go for holiday, I would like to be with my family and friend. For business purpose, I travel alone and sometimes with my colleagues. When it comes to traveling, sometimes taking a journey alone can be great. Traveling alone allows for the opportunity to experience your choice destination exactly the way you want.


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