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ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Forum & International Youth Forum 2011, Japan, 11 - 16 August

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Expired ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Forum & International Youth Forum 2011, Japan, 11 - 16 August

Post by lisa on Mon 13 Jun 2011, 20:44

ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) Forum & International Youth Forum 2011
11- 16 Augsut 2011
Tokyo, Japan

ESD Forum
The ESD Forum and international Youth Forum (Forum 2011) is a conference of international students and decision-makers convened by iuventum. The core concept is to include the aspect of action, and to talk about systemic topics – around Economy, Society and Environment.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) means education that enables people to foresee, face up to and solve the problems that threaten life on our planet, and that highlights the complexity and interdependence of three spheres, the environment, society and economy.

ESD Forum 2011 in Japan
11/08: Arrival and Welcome, at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC)
12/08: Opening / International Youth Day, at United Nations University (UNU)
13-14/08: Workshops and Panels on Economy, Society and Environment
15/08: Final Presentations, Closing and Farewell Party
16/08: Departure or Extension (16-20/08 with JUNEC)
Information will be updated on the iuventum website. In the near future, the ESD Forum may take place in other countries, too.

Participation and Application details
- Participants/Location: ~100 international students and decision-makers to be convened in central Tokyo at NYC and at United Nations University
- Program language: English
- Dress code: Basically business casual

The application process follows the first come, first serve principle.
You can choose from the following application and registration alternatives:
- Basic option: Admission to all Forum events
- Option 1: Basic option + full board accommodation at NYC + transportation to event locations
- Option 2: Option 1 + admission to Extension program, with JUNEC
- Option 3: 3-Day Visit on 12, 13 and 15 August

Program fees (in JPY)
Single fee 1 person
- Basic: ¥30000
- Option 1: ¥45000
- Option 2: ¥65000
- Option 3: ¥8000
Friendship fees for groups
2 to 4 friends
- Basic: ¥28000
- Option 1: ¥43000
- Option 2: ¥63000
- Option 3: ¥7500
5 or more friends
- Basic: ¥26000
- Option 1: ¥40000
- Option 2: ¥60000
- Option 3: ¥7000

We should talk about issues for which we need to act ourselves. Now too many programs for students and decision-makers deal with issues for which we cannot or don’t do anything. This is our fundamental problem because, without action, discussion cannot be done with responsibility.

Participants will never discuss topics with pressure and responsibility if there is no need for action. We always have a “we-should-do-this” situation. As a core concept of the ESD Forum, we include the aspect of action. In the workshops and panels on Economy, Society and Environment, we will talk about the most challenging global issues, including Financial Crises and Global Warming (Climate Change). The motto of the ESD Forum consequently is: “Educate / Sustain / Develop our world”.

Additional Information
- Eligibility: Students between 18 and 35 years of age shall basically be preceded, young professionals and internationally-interested senior people can apply – there’s no application restriction. Also, there’s no registration restriction.
- Visa: Participants may enter as tourists to join this program (and for tourism in Japan before/after the program, if applicable). Each participant is personally responsible for obtaining a visa, if applicable.

For further info, visit ESD Forum website here


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