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Summer Tree-Ring Studies at the University of Arizona LTRR, 18/05/09-05/06/09

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Expired Summer Tree-Ring Studies at the University of Arizona LTRR, 18/05/09-05/06/09

Post by Admin on Tue 17 Feb 2009, 19:31

The Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research (LTRR) is offering short summer courses in dendrochronology, including studies in dendroclimatology, dendroecology, and dendroarchaeology. Classes will convene May 18 - June 5, 2009 on the campus of the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Dendrochronology is the study of natural and human processes that are recorded in the tree-ring record. This record is retained over time due to the remarkable preservation qualities of wood, and across the wide geographical distribution of trees. Through the science of dendrochronology, a broad range of ecological, climatic, geological, and cultural variables can be reconstructed and analyzed with high spatial and temporal resolution.

These two and three-week intensive courses will introduce students to theory, laboratory and field techniques, and current research in each subfield. Courses will be based at the LTRR ( with field trips to sites in the Southwest region. Lectures will be presented by course instructors and other leading scientists. Course readings are drawn primarily from the published literature. Classes are designed for graduate students as well as faculty, postdoctoral researchers, and working professionals with suitable backgrounds. (Students - the Dendroarcheology and Dendroecology classes are open to advanced undergraduates and to graduate students, whereas the Dendroclimatology class is open only as a graduate class.)

Registration and logistics: Courses can be taken for university credit by registering with the University of Arizona Summer School ( Course numbers are Geosciences (GEOS) 597i (dendroclimatology), 497j/597j (dendroarchaeology), and 497k/597k (dendroecology). Online registration will open in March 2009. Prospective students should contact the instructor of the course of interest to obtain permission to register. Tuition will be payable to the University of Arizona upon acceptance into the course by the instructors and submission of application materials. Off-campus housing is available and must be arranged separately. All international students or those requiring special arrangements to participate should contact one of the instructors as soon as possible, prior to registration. A non-credit workshop that runs concurrently is available through the LTRR; contact the Summer School Coordinator for further information.

Course dates: Monday, May 18 through Friday June 5, 2009. Additional details will be posted periodically (starting in January)

For more information, visit the website:

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