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Post by Admin on Fri 22 Jan 2010, 01:03

The organization (Argonauti) is going to apply at the next deadline at the 1st of February 2010 for a multimeasure project under action 4.3 of Youth in Action Programme including a training course and a Study Visit

The Training Course “ Working for social wellnes-strategies and resources”,will be run in May 2010 in Sicily (6 days Training Course; no age limits; 25 participants from 11 programme countries;)

The training course will focus on possible streategies and resources that encourage social inclusion with the help of some experts trainers and facilitators.

The Study Visit “Fighting against exclusion- focusing on experiences”, will be run in October 2010 in Sicily (5 days Study visit; no age limits;11 participants from 11 programme countries )

The study visit will show some real experiences of people dealing with social exclusion to focus on good practices.

The project “WORKING FOR SOCIAL WELLNESS, FIGHTING AGAINST EXCLUSION” that includes the activities we have explained before, is directed to those active in youth work, dealing with situations of social exclusion and, more in general, of lack of fundamental rights to encourage good practices. The planned activities are meant to foster and support policies and actions for young people.

Our idea is to acquire and exchange competences and contributes to promote a society that sustains and develops quality of life and equal opportunities for all especially for young people,

PLEASE NOTE THAT, if approved by the Italian National Agency, the training course and the study visit will have a 90% travel reimbursement for the participants. We have indeed an extra contribution from the Regional Government of Sicily.

In order to check our previous experience on the field, please have a look at the website

- Part II (if you are interested in both activities plase fill in both applications or only one if you are interested in the study visit or in the training course)

The partnership forms can be downloaded at

- a CV of your organization

- a link to a website where we can see your information activities

All the documents must be sent NO LATER THAN Thursday 28th of January, initially by email or fax to:

Argonauti Società Cooperativa Sociale

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