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IAAC GLOBAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2011 - Self<a>rchitecture, Barcelona, Turin, Mumbai, 13 - 28 July 2011

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Expired IAAC GLOBAL SUMMER SCHOOL 2011 - Self<a>rchitecture, Barcelona, Turin, Mumbai, 13 - 28 July 2011

Post by salem on Tue 31 May 2011, 07:48

13 - 28 July 2011
Barcelona, Turin, Mumbai

Simultaneous collaboration and investigation from all three locations.

Key words: ecology, metabolism, responsive architecture, artificial intelligence, data-driven structures, open data, multiscalarity, digital fabrication, parametric design

Abstract: The IAAC Global Summer School for the 2011 academic year will continue to investigate multiscalar strategies for the (re) construction of our inhabiting environments (home, city, planet). The last few years of technological, social, political, economic and cultural changes (at both the global and the local scale) demand that we rethink what kind of habitat humanity will live in in the coming decades, given that space in all its aspects (landscapes, cities, places, buildings and bodies) is undergoing dramatic transformations.

The growing interest in managing climate change, in embracing of the green agenda in urban development, in the development of techniques for local energy generation, in the incorporation of information technology into the physical space and other relevant situations, call for a new vision of the evolution of the city and architecture.

This opens up a wide range of possibilities for the development of projects and initiatives that will help transform habitable spaces in keeping with the new requirements of both global and local users.

rchitecture is an agenda with research and education goals that combines science and technology with architecture and urban planning. Self-Sufficiency, Self-Fabrication, Self-Organization, Self- Design and Self- and Collective Intelligence are some of the key words on which the academic agenda of the programme will focus.

The final outcome of the programme will include design proposals and the testing of Self
rchitecture at three scales:
- Scale 1. 1000 people (urban block)
- Scale 2. 100 people (urban building)
- Scale 3. 1 person (home, shelter)

Producing Self-Sufficient architectural products means, above all, producing more effective organizational systems. The design of the buildings will have special relevance, equipping them to generate the totality of the energy they consume and creating, where necessary, new physiological and metabolic delimitations of the building.

The proposed buildings will be related to a variety of uses (residential, work, commercial, etc) and their users’ needs (micro scale) as well to the specific context and the sum of groups of information (macro scale)

Distributed educational model: The Summer Workshoop 2011 is part of the IAAC Global School (GS) project. IAAC GS is an initiative which seeks to generate a dynamic network based on distributive knowledge and collective actions. As part of this initiative The Summer Workshop 2011 will take place simultaneously in 3 different locations: Barcelona, Turin, and Mumbai.

Aimed at: The programme is aimed at students from a variety of compatible fields, such as Architecture, Engineering, Fine Art, Design, Landscape Architecture, Programming, etc.

Calendar: Programme duration: 13-28 July 2011

The programme is structured in three sections:
1. Digital Design and Parametric Modelling (13-17 July)
2. Interactive and Informational Development (18-21 July)
3. Digital Fabrication Prototyping (22-27 July)

Software: Rhino 4, RhinoCam, Grasshopper, Ecotect, Arduino

Programme Activities: Lectures, Master Classes, Building Visits, Exhibition Visits

Fee: The tuition fee for the IAAC Summer School 2011 is 2,000 euros.

For further information and registrations, please visit Summer School's website here


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