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2nd International Ultrasound Summer School, July 10 - 15 2011, Poznan, Poland

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Expired 2nd International Ultrasound Summer School, July 10 - 15 2011, Poznan, Poland

Post by bloggie on Tue 14 Jun 2011, 02:58

2nd International Ultrasound Summer School
July 10 - 15 2011
Poznan, Poland

Student Scientific Society of Poznan University of Medical Sciences has a great pleasure to invite You to the “2nd International Ultrasound Summer School” , which takes place from 10th till 15th of July 2011 in Poznań (Poland).

This is the second time that we can gather students from all around the world interested in gaining and extending their not only theoretical knowledge but mainly practical skills in different areas of ultrasonography.

Because of a wide use of Ultrasound nowadays, we aim this summer school for students in every step of their medical education and with different interests, not only in Radiology.

The scientific part is composed of short lectures, seminaries and large amount of practical skills which will be conducted on the highest standards equipment and supervised by qualified doctors from Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

Apart from the scientific part, a rich social program will help participants to make new friendships, get to know Polish culture, sightseeing Poznań and its outskirts, and just to have a great time.


Abdominal cavity
- examination including liver, gall bladder and biliary system, spleen, kidneys, abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, diaphragm, peritoneum and pleural space, urinary bladder, pancreas. These organs will be examined for their: localization, echogenicity and sonographical anatomy.
Pelvic ultrasound
- examination of uterus and adnexae;
Obstetric ultrasound
- presentation of baby, determining of gestational age, fetal anatomy, localization of placenta, amniotic fluid,.
Vascular ultrasound
- examination of vessels, focused on doppler, ultrasound - guided vascular access.
Thyroid ultrasound
- anatomy of thyroid and parathyroid glands,
Mammary ultrasound
- basic projections, anatomy.

Fees & Payment methods
The cost of International Ultrasound Summer School 2011 is only 250 EURO

This price includes 1 week o studying and social programme in Poznań!
The price includes:
* tuition fee
* study materials
* student accommodation within 5 minutes from most o the teaching places
* meals
* social and cultural events

The price does not include:
* your flights and traveling to/from Poznań, Poland
* insurance (health/ travelling)
* your own, extra expenses

We reserve the right of making some changes in the schedule of events. At the moment we do not have the possibility to assist students financially or provide scholarships. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There are two steps in the registration procedure: the first step is submitting an application form and the second stage involves paying the fees.
You are expected to pay the fees within 7 days from the moment you recieve letter of conirmation that You were accepted to participate in the summer school.
The confirmation letter will contain all necessary bank transfer details.

For further information and applications, visit the Summer School's website here


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