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EWB 2013, Education Without Borders Students' Conference, 24 - 29 March, United Arab Emirates

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EWB 2013, Education Without Borders Students' Conference, 24 - 29 March, United Arab Emirates Empty EWB 2013, Education Without Borders Students' Conference, 24 - 29 March, United Arab Emirates

Post by Admin on Tue 06 Nov 2012, 04:50

EWB 2013, Education Without Borders Conference
24 - 29 March
United Arab Emirates

“Innovative Solutions to Global Educational Challenges”

Education Without Borders is a biennial international student conference creating networks across cultures in order to understand, and generate solutions for some of the world’s greatest challenges such as global warming, sustainable development, and renewable energy. This is achieved by engaging the world’s most innovative students and leaders of business, technology, education, and the humanitarian sector in a collaborative forum that culminates with commitment to action.

To celebrate the Higher Colleges of Technology’s 25th anniversary, the Education Without Borders 2013 conference will be combined with the HCT’s biennial Festival of Thinkers conference, with both conferences running back to back in the week March 24-29, 2013 in the United Arab Emirates. That week will result in a synergistic combination of some of the world’s brightest and most talented students collaborating with world leaders, thinkers and Nobel Laureates to discuss and propose solutions to the issue of education and educational technology in the 21st century.

To provide a forum of exchange of ideas for participants from around the world to promote human development through education, with mutual respect and understanding.
To facilitate inter-cultural understanding and collaboration through the platform of education.
To inspire a commitment to use education and technology for designing solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
To ensure that commitments are implemented upon each delegate’s return to their home country.
To engage students and experts from countries around the world in active dialogue about global challenges and enable them to create and implement solutions.

The cornerstone of EWB is the student paper presentations. Depending on the scope of the conference sub-themes there will be about 30 student presenters, as in the past there have been 6 presenters per subtheme. In addition there will be student produced video documentaries around the themes. Each student paper presentation will be judged by a panel of judges and awards will be given. These awards will be presented at the closing ceremony. Other students may have the opportunity to present their papers in the form of poster at the conference.

EWB will have an opening ceremony, which will include addresses from world leaders and possibly a panel discussion about one of the themes. On the last day there may be a round-table discussion session on the themes.

As with previous conferences, the EWB 2013 conference will feature speeches and appearances from an array of some of the world’s most influential leaders in many diverse fields relevant to the conference and its theme of “Innovative Solutions to Global Educational Challenges”. These VIP guests will be involved in a variety of ways including as speakers and presenters, moderators and mentors.

Conference Costs
The Higher Colleges of Technology will pay the following reasonable costs for international student delegates:
In-country accommodation;
Provision of meals;
Transportation and EWB registration fees.
Participants are only responsible for the cost of airfares to and from the United Arab Emirates. A number of air travel scholarships will be available for selected papers and projects.

Selection Criteria
Applicants must be full-time college or university students.

Selection preference will be given to students who:
submit a full length original paper on selected themes of the conference, and
pursue undergraduate programs.
Special attention is paid to selecting students who represent the ‘youth of the world’, a diversity of nationalities and a variety of universities and educational backgrounds.

For futher informatoin and apliccations, please visit EWB 2013 website

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