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Youthcamp2011 - The year’s most important youth event on democracy, 12 - 14 August, Denmark

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Expired Youthcamp2011 - The year’s most important youth event on democracy, 12 - 14 August, Denmark

Post by gap on Sat 11 Jun 2011, 05:55

The year’s most important youth event on democracy
12 - 14 August
Ballerup Sports Park, Denmark

The year’s most important youth event on democracy

Are you between 15 and 25 years of age? Do you want to make a difference? And do you want to participate in the democratic society around you?

Then join Youthcamp2011, where active young people from all over the EU are coming together to exchange knowledge and experience, network, develop new contacts, socialize and share cultural activities that address the topics of democracy and youth influence.

Youthcamp2011 will take place from Friday the 12th to Sunday the 14th August in Ballerup Sports Park – Denmark

About Youthcamp
Active young people from all over the EU will meet to jointly develop ideas, debate democracy and establish networks across geographical borders. The activities at the Youthcamp will strengthen the young people in their work developing projects for and with young people in their local area, and engaging other young people in the democratic decision-making processes.

The Youthcamp is for young people between 15 and 25 years of age, who have some experience with the democratic process through youth projects, youth councils or youth organizations.

The camp consists of a series of workshops, where Danish and foreign presenters talk about, inter alia, international political cooperation, project development and youth participation. The camp also offers social and cultural events, such as film, music, swimming, video art and much more.

I have a voice, I have a dream! – Operation influence starts now!

The underlying and bigger goal of the camp is to tell the world, the political leaders and the people around us that young people have dreams and ideas and want to express their opinions and to get their voices through to the political leaders.

As a participant in the camp you will help to shape the camp and its contents. Participants are divided into teams, where they solve tasks together about the conduct of the festival and take part in the social and cultural activities at the camp.

The camp is naturally CO2 neutral, and also contains an energy park. The NRGPARK generates energy to the camp – You can also participate in projects on sustainability.

Short Workshops
#S1 - EU and International Topics
#S2 - Global Communication
#S3 - Globalization
#S4 - Role Plays
#S5 - Modern Climate Solutions
#S6 - Democracy and Development
#S7 - Reclaim Democracy
#S8 - The Power of Your Voice
#S9 - Young People as Cultural Innovators
#S10 - Talkeokee

Long Workshops
#L1 - Short Movies Making – 24 hours short movie making
#L2 - Future City Game
#L3 - Video Art

Who can participate?
Young people who take part in youth projects, are members of youth councils and/or involved in similar activities can attend Youthcamp2011.

Individuals who wants to take part in the camp, may contact us for further information

The registration will close when a maximum of 300 participants is reached.

For further details, visit YouthCamp's website here


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