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LIYSF - London International Youth Science Forum, 27 July - 10 August 2011 & CERN Discovery Programme, 10th - 16th August 2011

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Expired LIYSF - London International Youth Science Forum, 27 July - 10 August 2011 & CERN Discovery Programme, 10th - 16th August 2011

Post by bloggie on Sun 12 Jun 2011, 09:12

LIYSF - London International Youth Science Forum
27 July - 10 August 2011
CERN Discovery Programme - 7 Days
10th - 16th August 2011

Founded in 1959, LIYSF aims to give a deeper insight into science and its applications for the benefit of all mankind and to develop a greater understanding between young people of all nations.

LIYSF is a two week residential event held at Imperial College London, with lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, visits to industrial sites, research centres, scientific institutions and organisations, including world class laboratories and universities.

LIYSF attracts over 300 of the world's leading young scientists aged 17-21 years old from more than 50 participating countries. There is an active social calendar with events designed to enable those from around the world to learn about different cultures.

LIYSF 2011 will explore the future developments in the sciences, with lecture demonstrations, specialist seminars and debates led by a team of scientists and experts and scientific visits.

Participants join in a programme of:
- Lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists
- Seminars, debates and discussions on scientific topics of world concern
- Visits to industrial sites and research facilities
- Visits to academic research centres in London, Oxford and Cambridge
- Visits to the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum
- Social activities, including discos, inter-hall competitions, a light-hearted international cabaret and an evening of Songs of Home.
- Optional sightseeing tours of London, Stonehenge and Salisbury, Windsor and Hampton Court
- Optional visits to some of the best shows in London theatres
- Accommodation is in London University Halls of Residence. Meals are provided throughout the Science Forum and free travel to all scientific visits and programmed events.

Participation at LIYSF
Students attend in a variety of different ways, many as individuals or as a small group, selected to represent their country at this international meeting.

If you wish to participate at LIYSF in 2011
- Your date of birth should be between 27 July 1989 and 10 August 1994
- You should have a good understanding of written and spoken English
- You should be studying science and have achieved or be in preparation for taking exam qualifications for university entrance
- Your parents or guardian must endorse your application (if you are under 18 when LIYSF begins)
- If you are booking on behalf of a student, from a school, college or educational group, you must submit your application for all students by completing the Booking Form (click on the tab in the menu)
- If you are applying independently, you must submit a "Student booking" application and ask your academic tutor to endorse your application as a referee.

How much does it cost?
The participation fee is £1,395 (which includes a £100 booking charge).

The fee covers the total cost of the programme; all meals and accommodation; lectures and demonstrations; programme visits and entrance charges; travel in central London to programmed events and the social programme. It does not cover optional sightseeing tours, theatre tickets and transfer to London.

The majority of participants attending are supported by one or more of the following:
- As prize winners of national and international science competitions and Olympiads
- With scholarships from educational bodies, schools and colleges
- With grants from industry and scientific institutions
- With funding from charitable Foundations

Participants are responsible for seeking financial assistance to support their attendance at the London International Youth Science Forum.

If you are interested to attend LIYSF but have concerns over funding, please do get in touch as we can help in providing advice on where you may be able to apply to get funding to attend.

CERN Discovery Programme - 7 Days
10th - 16th August 2011

Why not extend your stay with your new found friends and budding scientists on a unique discovery programme to take a look behind the scenes of the world's largest particle physics laboratory – CERN?

This year the London International Youth Science Forum is offering students a chance to discover the excitement of fundamental research at CERN, one of the world’s largest and most respected centres for scientific research, with over 2500 scientists researching fundamental physics, finding out what the Universe is made of and how it works.

Influence future direction and represent your country with open international scientific co-operation, which has been the foundation of the laboratory's success over the last 50 years. These international collaborations at CERN have already led to the birth of the world wide web and the latest experiments to understand where the Universe comes from with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).

- Accommodation & meals throughout the 7 day programme
- Travel
- Entrance to attractions, museums and tours of the cities
- Dedicated tour manager

Explore CERN
Be a scientist for the day, explore the mysteries of the universe and find out about the gigantic equipment used by physicists at CERN - particle accelerators and detectors.
From the tiniest constituents of matter to the immensity of the cosmos, discover the wonders of science and technology at CERN.

Explore CNRS
Explore the National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris - the largest fundamental research organisation in Europe. The centre is under the administrative authority of the French Ministry of Research and comprises seven institutes and three national institutes.

Explore the UN
Tour the Palais des Nations, home of the United Nations Office at Geneva, the second largest United Nations centre in the world
Learn about the current activities of the United Nations and the history of the Palais des Nation.

Explore Paris
Explore the city at your leisure and discover some of the world's most famous attractions, such as the Notre Dame and see the Eiffel Tower at night
Visit the Louvre to see first hand iconic, universally admired works such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo.

COST - £669 Per Person

For further information, visit LIYSF website here


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