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DEADLINE 15 August - Cabuenes International Youth Meeting 2011, Gijon, Spain, 5 - 7 September

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Expired DEADLINE 15 August - Cabuenes International Youth Meeting 2011, Gijon, Spain, 5 - 7 September

Post by gap on Thu 16 Jun 2011, 08:36

Cabuenes International Youth Meeting 2011
Gijon, Spain
5 - 7 September 2011

"Young people contribute significantly to their families, communities and society through their creativity, capacity for innovation, altruism, adaptation to change, energy and optimism, and therefore are relevant actors and strategic partners for development ". Guanajuato Declaration, World Youth Conference. Mexico 2010.

A few months of completing the International Youth Year, the calendar is full of challenges in which young people are unavoidable actors to participate together to transform the current social and economic situation.

Young people are agents of change to address solutions to new challenges in today's world that affect them directly, such as the unavoidable environmental issues, innovation and social entrepreneurship as a development strategy, equality of opportunities and solidarity as a network for social cohesion, building participatory citizenship with full recognition of rights.

On the round-table of Cabueñes will be raised issues such as environmental and social sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship in areas of employment, volunteering or new forms of participation and digital democracy. But there will be time for issues such as the way we keep interpersonal relations, education, participation, creative communication and new forms of expression of urban culture.

Cabueñes once again become a space where Young people will be starring in relevant and strategic partner for development of a more just and equitable society where collective action promotes the achievement of full citizenship in the world.

Meeting Presentation
Cabueñes is a space that combines theory and practice to facilitate the active participation of the assistants. For this reason the program includes a variety of formats such as conferences, presentations of experiences, roundtables, plenary sessions, etc. Framed in two blocks: the thematic meetings and the workshops.

- E1. Youth and sustainability. Sustainable territory for a possible world.
- E2 Employment. Young people faced with the crisis.
- E3 Volunteering and citizen participation.
- E4 Digital democracy.
- E5 Good treatment for quality relationships and a better society.

- T1 Gijón green and blue. A sustainable development experience.
- T2 Rap collapsing borders: Armas letrales and hip hop cultures.
- T3 Education for Participation.
- T4. Creative Communication to take home.
- T5 “Two halfs”: Good treatment to quality relationships and a better society.

Places are available in the following categories:
- Young people between 18 and 35 years old, representatives from youth organisations, youth councils etc. Young people in general, with an interest in the topics presented.
- People over 36 years old who have a professional interest in the topics: youth workers, councillors, advisors etc.

The organisation will allocate 190 places with an accommodation grant, of which 114 are reserved for members of youth organisations, and 76 will be available to any young person (non-members). The grant will cover half-board shared-room accommodation at a local hotel.

Registration free
The 25 € registration fee covers the activities, lunch and all the additional events.

Registration period will be open form 9th June until seats sold, and in any case, until 15th August. Places will award in the order of registration once made the entry fee.

For further information and registrations, visit the website here


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