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Deadline 12 January - 3rd Y4PT World Youth Meeting on Public Transport, 26 - 30 May 2013, Geneva

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Deadline 12 January - 3rd Y4PT World Youth Meeting on Public Transport, 26 - 30 May 2013, Geneva Empty Deadline 12 January - 3rd Y4PT World Youth Meeting on Public Transport, 26 - 30 May 2013, Geneva

Post by Admin on Mon 05 Nov 2012, 09:51

3rd Y4PT Youth for Public Transport
World Youth Meeting on Public Transport
26 - 30 May 2013

The theme for this third edition is “The uprising of Y4PT as the global youth movement for a sustainable mobility through PT promotion”.

The Y4PT World Youth Meeting on Public Transport is an integral part of the UITP World Congress and Mobility & City and Transport Exhibition. It has emerged as an important space that bridges the gap between young people (a great portion of PT users) represented in Y4PT and PT supply such as PT operators, authorities and industries from all over the world, represented in the UITP.

Thought up in 2007 by the International Association of Public Transport under the leading hand of Alessandra GORINI (current Head of Y4PT), the Y4PT Meeting has been held two times in two countries. From its roots as a small gathering among a handful of young people from different profiles but related all with the public transport sector, the Y4PT Meetings today calls between 20 and 45 delegates from up to 25 nations on six continents.

From the outset, the Y4PT Meeting series have been held primarily to serve as a platform for young people from different backgrounds, including undergraduate and graduate students, and young professionals. The main objectives of the conference remains the exchange and dissemination of knowledge, initiatives and ideas for the development of public transport to meet the needs of people (PT users) from a youth approach.

No matter whether those initiatives/ideas have not been materialized yet or not, nor if they have a local, national, continental or global scope. What Y4PT will worth the most is the quality and feasibility of projects presented.

Meeting objectives
To implement our worldwide youth-led movement in favor of sustainable mobility through public transport promotion.
To act as an international platform for young people to put forward their ideas on public transport.
To be a world networking meeting of young people from different profiles and with keen and genuine interest in PT-related mobility issues.
To raise PT stakeholders attention on Y4PT initiatives to make them possible.

Tentative program
Participate at the INSPIRATIONAL PATHS: immerse yourself in magic, live with us a real journey on the most important issues of the moment and go behind the scenes to experience closely the interaction with our best CEO’s and YOUTH’ speakers: hear inside stories about the making of good and positive actions.
Each day our speakers will leave the stage to guide you on a different emotional walking/sitting experience along space and time where you will Live, feel and meet, the best actors on SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, TECHNOLOGIES,
At LUNCH: Meet the Youth of the world! Consult the Youth! 2 Y4PT representatives per table will meet , chat , give advices, and advertise on our Y4PT activities)
Y4PT TALKS: Come witness and learn about our personal experiences and activities all over the world, Youth Labs, Youth Parliaments, and assist to the launch of our ”Clickfor Solutions” our on line Signature Campaign.

Meet the Artists of the Exhibition, get ideas to improve your city!
INSPIRATIONAL PATHS: TECHNOLOGY AND ART ( flashmobs, videos, marketing, IT and social media)
Today we talk on the CONTEST AWARDS: CaPTureIdeo! Presenting Winners’ Projects


The “Meeting” is open to any young person from any country who must fulfill the following minimum requirements:
You must be between 18 and 38 years old.
You must have envolving and passionate speaker skills.
You must hold (at least) a bachelor degree in any field (or at least pursuing one, in last semester).
You must have a genuine and keen interest on PT-related mobility issues from a youth approach. For example, you may prove you have passed courses and/or written papers on any transport-related issue.
You must be able to communicate in English easily. We are not going to ask for a certificate (such as TOELF) but as a part of the selection process all applicants will be subject of an interview entirely done in English.
If you meet this profile, submit your application considering the following chronogram:

Stages of the call
12 AUG 2012: Call opening
From 14 AUG 2012 To 12 JAN 2013: Reception of applications (CV, Cover Letter and Project Proposal)
From 15 JAN 2012 To 12 FEB 2013: Review of applications
14 FEB 2013: Acknowledge of results (selected people)

For further information and applications, please visit Y4PT website

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